God cares

Charity begins at home. But I am witnessing it in abundance in my neighbourhood where the resilient Sisters of Charity are radiating the splendour of Christian love and compassion. The name itself is unique – House of Providence. It is a home for the aged, the disabled, the abandoned, and the dying. It is a splendid oasis of charity in the heart of a throbbing commercial metropolis. Sisters of Charity took over House of Providence as a benevolent bequeath from the Archdiocese of Verapoly in 1937. It is a coincidence worth mentioning that Agnes of Albania, the future founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, became a nun in the assumed name of Teresa in that year. What the Missionaries of Charity do on a grand scale, the Sisters of Charity is doing in a micro level. But that is also something beautiful for God.

I am in the neighbourhood of House of Providence for more than six decades. I still vividly remember many faces – of inmates, of serving Sisters, and of the chaplains. A few of the Sisters were foreigners. Not only the faces of men and women but the images of the dogs, the cows, the pigs and the birds are also lingering. The evergreen thicket, though picturesque, was somewhat eerie – strange and frightening. The unshackled dogs would not permit any one to enter the compound after sunset.

Then the old order suddenly changed. The cloistered compound became a place of convergence for people in the locality. The alpha and omega shaped chapel, designed and built by my uncle, Fr Joseph Moonjapilly, became the favourite church for people in the neighbourhood. The institution became open and transparent. The change has become palpable to the extent of opening the premises to the whole world by launching a website. Good men are willingly coming forward to assist the institution.

Charity apart, such expression of goodness is a divinely ordained duty of every human being. Every act of kindness, howsoever minuscule it may be, will be accounted and credited for the Judgement Day. This realization is attracting more and more people towards this place where the protective care of God is taking place through we, the mortals.

-Adv. Sebastian Paul, Former Member of Parliament